Designer Front Doors

Liquid Metal Finishes

It Is Our Passion To Transform Your Home Entry Door Into Something Special And Unique. We Create Custom Finished Designer Front Doors Using Different Metal Colours And Textures To Add The Perfect Feature To Suit Your Home. 

Below Are Some Examples Of Previous Work We Have Done Using our high End Finishes

Graphite Rose

Amazing 3m x 2m Entry Door For Our concord project. contains graphite dark base with lunar crater rose gold effect.

aluminium skide

this entry consist of our aluminium metal in a skide pattern. we finished this on alucabond sheets which were then fixed onto the face of the entry door.

Bronze & Brass Aged

this Entry Door has two metals applied to the surface giving it a unique effect that really brings out the facade of this home.

Copper aged Entry Door

this Traditional Home had rusted finishes around the facade, and the owners were not happy with there current standard door. We customised the door with our copper aged finish to suit its surroundings which allowed us to give a feature to the front of the home.

Dark Bronze Entry Door

Bronze Wasn’t enough for this Entry door. using our unique application procedures we were able to provide the client with a two tone bronze door, showcasing both the natural metal bronze and black blotches in between providing a special effect.

Aluminium Textured Entry Door

This Newly built home had a grand opening of 3m high. it was a great way to add such a feature to the front of this home. using our aluminium liquid metal we were able to achieve a custom textured design in the center with a dark tint and contrast that with a smooth aluminium finish around the border.

copper modern entry door

custom designed entry door with a tetris line effect allowing the copper metal to break up in different tones. this textured effect was  a special request and achieved with only hand work to achieve this finish.

copper Rust entry door

this copper rust entry door was aged through our special rustic solution. creating an ancient copper finish allowed this door to blend in with its antique surroundings.


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