Designer Features

Liquid Metal Finishes

It Is Our Passion to add something special and unique to your home. We Create Custom Finishes using our precious metals by coating almost any surface. our Designer finishes add value and create a unique aspect to your space.

below are some examples of previous work we have done using our high end finishes.

graphite rose feature panel

using our unique method of metal application we were able transform this feature panel into a two tone finish. consisting of both dark graphite and lunar crater in a rose gold finish.

graphite Rose feature panel

using our unique method of metal application we were able transform this feature panel into a two tone finish. consisting of both dark graphite to match the ceiling and rose gold blotches inbetween to blend in with the kitchen doors.

Copper aged Viper Skin Stair Treads

Stair treads containing our copper aged viper skin finish. the viper skin follows each tread joining the pattern from one end of the staircase to the other.

Darkened Copper Viper Skin Wall Panels

Our darkened copper viper skin finish applied on wall panelling surrounding this pool area. our applied metal finishes contain a protective coating layer which adds resistance to chlorine and salt.

Copper aged Garage Door

Copper aged garage door with a special patina complimenting natural light, projecting colours such as blue, red and greens.

Graphite Viper Skin Swing Gates

Graphite Viper skin pattern applied to cut to size panneling to make up a double door swing gate.

Copper aged Garage Door

this Traditional Home had rusted finishes around the facade, and the owners were not happy with there current standard Garage door. We customised the Garage Door with our copper aged finish to suit its surroundings which allowed us to give a feature to the front of the home.

Aluminium Textured Garage Door

This is our aluminum textured finish. It contains a darkened steel effect which allowed us to match the existing block wall beside it.

Bronze BBQ Area Bar Panel

This gorgeous bbq area had there external wall set in for a special feature. our clients were wanting to achieve a special feature that could last to wet areas and be durable. what better way to make a space “pop” then by adding one of our bronze liquid metal finishes with our long lasting clear coat that could withstand almost anything.

Dark Bronze kitchen doors

using our custom bronze mixture and taking into account the lighting of this space, we were able to achieve a two tone dark bronze finish. this added custom design to the space and with the light surroundings it gave the area a sense of warmth. 

Bronze Brass Garage Door

This garage Door Has Two Metals Applied To The Surface Giving It A Unique Effect That Really Brings Out The Façade Of This Home.

graphite rose garage Door

this garage door had our graphite metal finish. adding some rose gold lunar crater textures to the surface made this garage door pop. creating a dark rose gold effect. great finish for a 2 panel garage door.

graphite rose gold internal doors

the high ceiling this newly built home had gave us the opportunity to achieve something magical. using our dark graphite finishes with a touch of rose gold lunar texture in the center gave these 3m high doors a special presence that acted as a feature for all the internal doors inside this home.

aluminium stair case treads

our client were wanting a change from there current timber treads. they had enough of the maintenance required to keep them clear of scratched surfaces and re coating them. we used our custom aluminium texture finishes that made these treads unique but also very durable and long lasting. no maintenance required.

Rust Garage Door

Rustic Garage door on this great space. we were able to achieve an aging rust finish that would take years to develop naturally in just a matter of weeks through our application process. 

Copper Modern garage Door

Custom Designed Garage Door With A Tetris Line Effect Allowing The Copper Metal To Break Up In Different Tones. This Textured Effect Was  A Special Request And Achieved With Only Hand Work To Achieve This Finish.